Brake Services

A car is nothing without a good quality set of brakes to ensure that you stop when you need to. If your brakes are old or worn out, you’re brake repair bradentonputting your life, your passengers lives, and the lives of everyone driving around you in danger. Don’t wait until it’s too late – contact our experts today for any brake maintenance you need done.

Our Brake Services Include:

• Diagnostics
• Replacements
• Rotors
• Emergency brakes
• Adjustments
• Brake lines
If you allow your brakes to wear down past the normal amount, and you begin hearing a grinding noise every time you apply them, you may also need to replace your rotors. This will significantly increase costs, so don’t let things get this bad. Have your brakes checked today!
At USA Transmission, we have a total and complete dedication to customer satisfaction. We want you to be totally happy with the work you have done on your vehicle. If you’re not satisfied with something, we won’t stop until you are.
With ASE certified technicians and over
40 years experience
under our belts, trust us for all your needs.
Call us today to get started on any engine repair you need.

Tire Services

Your tires are what move your car from point A to point B. While our area doesn’t experience snow in the winter time, it is still important to maintain your tires for proper grip on the road in any conditions. When you need your tires serviced or replaced, bring your car to the experts at USA Transmission – we’ll have you in and out in no time.

Our Tire Services Include:

• Any make or model car
• Any size tires
• Rotations
• Replacements
• Patches
• High-performance tires
Tires are something that you should always ensure you’re maintaining for safety.

If you have a high performance car, you want tires that will match. Don’t get held back by sub-standard tire options – bring your car into USA Transmission today and get a full-line of tire options to choose from that are sure to please both you and your wallet.

Whether you need a simple rotation or a full set of brand new tires, USA Transmission is the place to go. Our ASE certified technicians will get your tires fixed-up and get you back on the road in a flash. Give us a call or stop by today.


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